Which ribbons can I use best for my thermal transfer printer? Here are four good reasons to check.

Which ribbons can I use best for my thermal transfer printer?

Most people never stop to think about whether they are using the most efficient, cost-effective ribbon for their every-day labels. They just keep ordering the brand that came with their Avery or Sato label printer. Here are four good reasons to check and see if you are getting the best qualities for your money with your ribbons and how W4U 120 ribbons might change your mind.

Most people that use thermal-transfer label printers from manufacturers like Datamax, Sato, and Zebra are printing simple paper labels for bar code or shipping labels. These labels are mostly single use, applied usually to a shipping carton or envelope, and don’t need to last more than a week or so. They get ripped off and throw away after the package arrives. Done.

Barring any extreme handling or careless shipment, standard wax ribbons work just fine for shipping and bar code labels. Depending on the ribbon, you get a dark black transfer of the text or image onto plain paper labels that are fairly durable.

Four good reasons to buy the W4U 120 super premium wax ribbons:

1. W4U 120 feature a rich blackness for basic label printing applications such as shipping and product identification label with a dense images and improved scan rates.

2. These ribbons are compatible with coated label materials, working well with flood-coated color labels, synthetic and gloss paper, too.

3. One of the highest smudge and scratch resistance in its range.

4. Also, available that fits the size requirements of your label. For example, if you have only a 2″ wide label,  use a 2.36″ width ribbon instead of a 4.06″ ribbon which is more money per roll. We provide every size you need. But remember, it is important that the ribbon be slightly wider than the label to protect the printhead.