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Hot stamping foils

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Hot Stamping Foils for most applications

High quality hot stamping foils for most applications like coding of prices, weights and expiration dates. We have a complete range of cost effective black hot stamping foils specially designed for coding. Our stamping foils can be used on a variety of substrates such as cellophane, polyester, coated and uncoated paper, PVC and other materials.

Hot stamping is ideal to the coding of many products

The hot stamping foil is environmentally friendly process as it does not use solvents or inks, which produce harmful vapors. All our foils are non-toxic, heavy metal free formulations. TTR Euroworks provides a complete line of coding foils offering superior performance, capable of low energy printing at high speeds, and compatible with a wide range of substrates.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications of our hot stamping foil are listed below.

Colour inkBlack
Basic materialPolyester film
Temperature stamp100 - 130 °C
Ink melting point> 200 °C / 395 °F
Flame point> 285 °C / 545 °F
Warehousing-10 - 50 °C (do not place directly in sun) 20 - 85% humidity max. 2 years
Printing qualityHigh
Abrasion resistanceHigh
Printing temperature100 - 130 °C
Recommended print mediaPET, PVC, PE, PP, PS, OPP, aluminum foil, aluminum plastic & synthetics package



Fields of application

  • Best-before date
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaneutical goods
  • Medical instruments
  • Building materials
  • Food & beverages
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Dairy
  • Extrusion
  • Wire hoses & tubes
  • Precision mechanics
  • Electronics

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