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Ribbons for flat head printers

Does your thermal label printer use flat head print technology? Flat head printers are very reliable and generally require less maintenance. Flat head printers can use of wax, wax / resin or resin combination (black and color) thermal transfer ribbon. Manufacturers of flat head printers include, Avery Dennison, Datamax, Intermec, Sato and Zebra.

+W4U 100 Economic Wax offers our most economical thermal transfer printing solution while providing consistent performance on a wide variety of materials.

» Most efficient, cost-effective ribbon for every-day labels
» Applicable to various types of labels and tags
» High blackness & fine definition ideal for printing barcodes

+W4U 120 Super Premium Wax offers one of the highest smudge and scratch resistance in its range.

» Highest smudge and scratch resistance in its range
» Prints at high speed delivering sharp rotated barcodes
» Prints on many substrates from coated papers to synthetic films

+R4U 300 Premium Resin barcode ribbon provides the most durable, chemical resistant, clear image possible when used on the proper labels.

» Low print energy and antistatic formulation for easy handling and print head protection
» Extreme abrasion resistance
» Super flexibility makes it suitable for chemical environments

+R4U 310 Chemicals Resistant Resin barcode ribbon feature high chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance while offering exceptional print quality. This thermal transfer resin ribbon gives extreme performance on polyester and other plastic labels.

» Provides resistance to the harshest chemicals and electronics labeling
» Eliminates the need for plastic overlaminates in many applications

+R4U 330 Super Premium Resin barcode ribbon produces long-lasting, dense bar codes and images, and is the high performance resin ribbon solution for applications that require superior resistance to heat, abrasion and chemicals.

» High performance resin ribbon solution for chemical environments and other high-end applications
» Withstand extreme heat and UV exposure
» Delivers excellent blackness & definition at higher speeds

+WR4U 200 Premium Wax-Resin barcode ribbon is a premium wax-resin ribbon that provides outstanding print quality in a variety of environmental conditions on paper, many synthetic materials, a variety of coated paper, and matte synthetics.

» Extensive label adaptability for wax and wax-resin applications
» Highly versatile and delivers exceptional quality

+WR4U 210 Economic Wax-Resin barcode ribbon is affordable and of a very good quality. It is possible to print high quality barcodes on both coated and uncoated paper labels for different purposes with speeds up to 300 mm / sec.

» Very economical ribbon for a versatile range of substrates
» No concessions to quality for printing at higher speeds

+WR4U 220 Ultra Premium Wax-Resin ribbon is the best choice for labels that needs to meet more extreme environments. An ideal thermal transfer ribbon for labels requiring long lasting images.

» Highly durable, long-lasting printing
» Prints well on rough and/or porous surfaces
» Superior abrasion resistance


» Dry cleaning and ironing (150 ºC / 180 ºC / 200 ºC)
» Extreme resistance to washing (90 ºC)
» Excellent printing quality on textile materials
» Withstand extreme heat and UV-exposure



RT4U 940 Color Textile Resin is
available in nearly 30 colors.

» Dry cleaning and ironing (180 ºC)
» Extreme resistance to washing (90 ºC)
» Excellent printing quality on textile materials
» Withstand extreme heat and UV-exposure