At TTR Euroworks, we recognise the importance of supporting the growth of small to medium sized businesses in developing countries.

These businesses do not only contribute to economic development of their country by creating jobs, but they also create meaningful social and environmental impact. They have one major challenge, though: access to finance to grow their business and to generate jobs at a faster pace.

We invest in these small businesses through our partnership with Lendahand, a crowdfunding
platform dedicated to social, environmental, and economical change. These businesses often lack
access to traditional funding channels due to high interest rates and strict requirements, and they
are usually overlooked by investors, despite their potential and the importance of supporting
businesses like these to positively impact the lives of many people.

This is why we want to step up and help provide the financial resources that hard working
entrepreneurs in emerging markets require to succeed.

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Projects we've invested in


Validus 16 →

Validus provides microloans to more than 268 small and medium-sized enterprises in 26 different provinces in Indonesia. Many of these companies operate in the distribution sector and specialize in consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial products. This makes medicines and consumer products more accessible to people in both urban and rural areas.



FACES supports entrepreneurs from rural and economically less developed areas through microfinancing. As much as 54% of their clients are women. FACES bridges the gender gap and economic barriers for women by offering financial support and practical business advice. In this way, they promote local employment and help improve the standard of living in the region, which strengthens the local economy.


InvesCore NBFI 14 →

InvesCore recognises the important role small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play in Mongolia's socio-economic landscape. Representing approximately 86% of all active legal entities in Mongolia, these SMEs are fundamental to job creation, poverty reduction, and community empowerment (National Statistical Office (NSO) of Mongolia, 2019). Yet, many entrepreneurs, especially women, face considerable financial barriers.

Why it is important to support small to medium sized businesses in emerging markets

Economic impact

They create employment opportunities and contribute to GDP growth.

Social impact

They often provide essential goods and services, improving livelihood.

Environmental impact

They tend to promote environmental conservation and resource efficiency.

By choosing TTR Euroworks for your thermal printing supplies, YOU support a global effort to empower these businesses and stimulate sustainable development in developing countries, too.

Together, we can make a difference and truly 'lend a hand'! 🤝