Wax ribbons 4U

Flathead printing, utilized by major brands such as Zebra, Honeywell and Sato, involves a stationary printhead that facilitates precise and consistent ink deposition on diverse materials. This makes it a preferred choice for applications ranging from barcode labels and receipts to textile and packaging industries.

With the Wax 4U 100 and 120 we offer both an economical and a premium choice for printing barcodes and text. They both produce crisp images, but the 120 is the best quality wax ribbon for the widest range of print requirements and surfaces.

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Our 4U flathead wax ribbon options

Economical Wax 4U 100 

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The most economical wax ribbon in our range, while providing consistent performance on a wide range of materials. It is a good solution for labels that don’t need to last for years and that don’t face harsh conditions like rain, extreme temperatures, etc.

– Most efficient, cost-effective ribbon for every-day
– High blackness & fine definition barcoding

Premium Wax 4U 120

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Premium wax that prints high quality dark dense images and offers one of the highest smudge and scratch resistance in its range. It is a great fit for coated and uncoated paper labels, synthetic paper, and UV-varnished labels.

– Highest resistance to scratching in its range
– Compatible with a large variety of materials, like coated papers and synthetic films

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