Thermal Transfer Ribbons for every application

Smart businesses understand that they can make real savings with a certified brand like 4U. Once they’ve tested the quality of the ribbons, they’re convinced.

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House brands are not just a B2C consumer trend. You’ve seen the headlines of people choosing private brands more than ever. This is also true in B2B markets like thermal printer supplies.

At TTR Euroworks, we produce our own brand 4U thermal ribbons. These are ISEGA certified ribbons, available from a network of dealers across Europe.

Download the PDF brochure to see which 4U ribbon quality fits your application. If you’re a reseller interested to add 4U ribbons to your portfolio, visit the reseller page for more information.

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Thermal Ribbons made easy for you!

Our goal is to make it easy for you to select the best and most affordable thermal transfer ribbon for your requirements. In each ribbon category you’ll find an economic and a premium option.

Wax 4U ribbons

  • Economical W4U100 
  • Premium W4U120

Wax Resin 4U ribbons

  • Economical WR4U250
  • Premium WR4U200
  • Super Premium WR4U220

Resin 4U ribbons

  • Economical R4U300
  • Premium R4U350

Near Edge ribbons

  • Thinnest Wax Resin 4U 410 Near Edge
  • Premium Wax Resin 4U 411 Near Edge
  • Durable Wax Resin 4U 431 Near Edge
  • Premium Resin 4U 600 Near Edge
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