Flathead wax resin ribbons 4U

For flathead printing, like printing with a Zebra ZT421, you can use our wax resin ribbons. In general, Wax resin ribbons produce a better print quality than pure wax ribbons. Your prints will be more resistant and long-lasting.

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Our 4U flathead wax resin ribbon options

Economical wax resin 4U 250

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General purpose wax-resin for use on paper, coated or glossy paper and matte synthetics. Prints last longer than the pure wax alternatives and they withstand more demanding environmental conditions.

– Printhead protection with low print energy and anti-static formulation
– Barcoding, shipping & freceiving, inventory, shelf labeling, horticulture, and more

Premium wax resin 4U 200

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High quality wax-resin for flathead thermal transfer printers. It prints great definition black images on a wide variety of substrates, like tags, synthetics, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. It provides good scratch resistance for more durable prints.

– Good quality scratch resistance, withstands heat up to 100 ºC
– Superior back coating extends printhead life

Super Premium wax resin 4U 220

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Best quality wax-resin for labels that need to meet harsh conditions, where durability is needed to produce long-lasting images. Wax resin 220 offers good resistance to liquids like water and household cleaners. It produces excellent bar codes and images on on both paper and synthetic substrates, providing superior abrasion, solvent and scratch resistance. It also prints well on rough or porous surfaces.

– Highest smudge and scratch resistance
– Chemical resistance to common agents

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