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Near-edge printing is typically done at a high speed, which requires high quality ink ribbons that are fit for purpose. For these use cases, the best-sellers in our range are the 411 and 431 wax resins. They are perfect for printing on a wide variety of substrates like paper, plastics, PE and flexible packaging foils. The 410 performs equally well, and has the thinnest pet film which fits more meters per roll.

Choose TTR Euroworks’ house brand for high-volume printing at high speeds.

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Our NEAR EDGE best-sellers

Thinnest Wax Resin 4U 410 Near Edge

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This ‘general purpose’ wax-resin for in-line or near-edge printers has the thinnest PET film in the range which allows more meters per roll. It produces durable prints and performs well at high speed.

– Great overall cost savings for inline and packaging printing
– Anti-static back coating and low energy requirements prolong the life of the printhead

Premium Wax Resin 4U 411 Near Edge

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Wax resin ribbon designed for industrial near-edge printers in high-volume labelling applications like flexible film and print and apply applications. It produces consistent print quality and clean dot edges for dense barcodes.

– High smudge resistance
– High scratch resistance
– High UV resistance

Durable Wax Resin 4U 431 Near Edge

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Designed for in-line packaging printing, high speed print-and-apply. It produces excellent print density and definition on a wide range of substrates.

– Good resistance to high temperature
– Compatible with flexible packaging films

Premium Resin 4U 600 Near Edge

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Resin quality that produces the most durable images and barcodes, even at high print speeds. The images have a high resistance to scratching and heat.

– Great combination of speed and performance
– The most durable images with high definition

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