Thermal transfer ribbons

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Thermal transfer ribbons

Since introducing our 4U brand of thermal ribbons, they have found a loyal customer base worldwide. And that’s no surprise. They are high-quality alternatives for the more expensive brands in the market.

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Which 4U ribbon fits your requirements?

Wax (W4U) is the most common and economical type of thermal transfer ribbons. It is recommended for coated and uncoated papers and typically used for shipping labels, warehouse labels and retail labels. Wax ribbons are coated with a wax-based ink that requires low transfer temperatures. They are not suitable for near-edge printers.

Wax/resin (WR4U) ribbons have increased durability against humidity, scratches and abrasion because of the addition of resin. They use a transfer temperature between wax and resin ribbons and they provide crisp and clear image on a wide range of materials. Wax/resin ribbons are also suitable for near-edge printers.

Resin (R4U) are ribbons with high abrasion resistance and are especially suitable for chemical applications, extreme heat and UV exposure. This type of ribbon uses a very high transfer temperature and is commonly used in textile labels, medical and chemical applications because of its durable print. Resin ribbons are also suitable for near-edge printers.