R4U Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Resin ribbons are required in applications that need excellent mechanical and solvent resistance. They are suited for printing on most synthetic materials such as PVC, PET, PP and various matt and gloss coated papers. Because they melt at a much higher temperature, the ink dissolves into the material on which they’re printed, making extremely durable and lasting images.

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R4U 300

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General purpose resin that produces durable and clear images with excellent scratch and smudge resistance.

– Extreme abrasion resistance
– Anti-static backcoat extends printhead life

R4U 310

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High resistance to harsh chemicals, like Acetone, Toluene and MEK. It eliminates the need for plastic overlaminates in certain industries, reducing label production to a one-step process, eliminating cost.

– Extreme resistance to harsh chemicals
– Micro labels and asset tags in electronics and automotive industries
– Chemical labels on drums and containers

R4U 330

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General purpose resin that produces long-lasting, dense images, with excellent resistance to abrasion, steam, heat and a wide variety of chemicals.

– Heat resistance (150 ºC on polyester, 330 ºC on polyamide)
– Delivers excellent blackness definition at higher speeds
– Print at lower heat settings than many comparable resins (ink melting point 80ºC )

R4U 350

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High quality general purpose resin thermal transfer ribbon. It perfoms well on virtually all criteria, like blackness, weather resistance, heat and steam. It can handle higher print speeds and can be used for the largest range of applications.

– Very dark black images with exceptional sharpness
– Anti-static backcoat extends printhead life

R4U 600 NE

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General purpose resin that produces durable images and barcodes on both near-edge and flathead printers. It can handle higher print speeds. Prints have a high resistance to scratching and heat.

– Great combination of speed and performance
– Durable images

R4U 631 NE

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Premium resin designed for in-line and near edge desktop applications. Excellent performance in harsh labeling environments, and chemical resistance to common agents. It produces high quality prints on various synthetics like LDPE, MDPE, PET, PVC.

– Made for flexible packaging aplications that require high smudge and scratch resistance
– Anti-static coating for printhead protection

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