WR4U ribbons produce high quality prints in virtually all applications

WR4U wax-resin thermal transfer ribbons produce durable prints that can last for years, enduring more harsh conditions. They are also a great fit for high-volume printing processes at high speeds. They perform well on substrates like paper, plastics and flexible packaging foils.

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WR4U 200

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General purpose wax-resin for use on paper, coated or glossy paper and matte synthetics. Prints last longer than the pure wax alternatives and they withstand more demanding environmental conditions.

– Low print energy and anti-static formulation for printhead protection
– Barcoding, shipping & freceiving, inventory, shelf labeling, horticulture, and more

WR4U 220

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Best quality wax-resin for labels that need to meet more extreme environments, and need to last longer. It offers a good resistance to liquids like water and household cleaners. Provides superior abrasion, solvent and scratch resistance. Excellent bar codes and images on both paper and synthetic substrates.

– Highly durable, long-lasting printing
– Prints well on rough and/or porous surfaces
– Superior abrasion resistance

WR4U 250 

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General purpose flathead wax-resin. It prints great definition black images on a wide variety of substrates, like tags, synthetics, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.

– Up to 100 ºC heat resistance
– Superior back coating extends printhead life

WR4U 410 NE

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General Purpose wax-resin for in-line or near-edge printers. High durability of prints and ability to print at high speed. It has the thinnest PET film in the range which allows more meters per roll.

– Great overall cost savings for inline and packaging printing
– Anti-static back coating and low energy requirements prolong the life of the printhead

WR4U 421 NE

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Wax-resin ribbon designed for industrial near-edge printers. It uses low print energy, and provides consistent print quality and clean dot edges for dense barcodes.

– Abrasion resistance
– Substrates: coated, uncoated, card, synthetics polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC

WR4U 431 NE

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Designed for in-line packaging printing, high speed print-and-apply. It produces excellent print density and definition on a wide range of substrates.

– Good resistance to high temperature
– Compatible with flexible packaging films

WR4U 451 NE

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Specifically designed for use within the food packaging industry. It provides an image that has a good smudge and scratch resistance and can be printed at speeds of up to 32 ips.

– High smudge resistance
– High scratch resistance
– High UV resistance

WR4U 490 NE

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Designed for in-line packaging printing, high speed print-and-apply. High quality wax-resin ribbon with the highest scratch resistance. It produces crisp and durable images and barcodes on substrates from coated and gloss paper to film and PET labels.

– Excellent resistance to scratching
– Extensive film adaptability

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