Introducing the Honeywell PC42E-T

Introducing the Honeywell PC42E-T

Discover the latest extra-terrestrial addition to Honeywell‘s label printer family, the PC42E-T. This compact, reliable, and user-friendly desktop printer offers efficient printing performance, easy manageability, and low maintenance. Designed with intelligence and user convenience in mind, the PC42E-T is a versatile solution ideal for various industries, including retail, transportation, logistics, light manufacturing, and warehousing.

Key Features of the PC42E-T Label Printer:

Backward Compatibility: Make the most of your investments with the PC42E-T. It’s fully backward-compatible with accessories from the previous PC42T model.

Intuitive Interface: The printer boasts a large top window and an LCD screen, simplifying consumable monitoring and printing status checks. Enjoy a seamless user experience.

Seamless Integration: The PC42E-T effortlessly integrates into any application environment thanks to its rich interfaces, compact design, and compatibility with common media specifications. Whether you’re in retail, transportation, logistics, or manufacturing, this printer adapts to your needs.

Printing Versatility: This printer supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing, giving you the flexibility to choose the method that suits your specific requirements.

Printing Specifications: The PC42E-T is available in both 203 dpi and 300 dpi options, with a maximum printing speed of 6 inches per second.

Honeywell PC42E-T

Do you need this new Honeywell label printer?

In conclusion, the Honeywell PC42E-T is a user-friendly and versatile desktop label printer designed to meet the printing needs of a wide range of industries. Its efficient printing performance, easy maintenance, and backward compatibility make it a valuable addition to your workspace. Whether you’re in retail, transportation, logistics, or light manufacturing. If you’re in need for a desktop label printer the Honeywell PC42E-T is a great option!

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