Quality 4U Thermal Transfer Ribbons for any application


More than 25 years ago we started producing Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Over the years, we have built a loyal customer base and developed long-term distribution partnerships with the 4U brand. For every application, there’s a reliable quality ribbon available in our range – from wax to resin, from flathead to TTO. Explore the range and request a free sample box to get started.

The Four Advantages to choose 4U ribbons

1. Attractive pricing compared to other brands – for the same quality ribbons. Help your customers make significant savings in their printing operations. Especially for recurring costs like ribbons, those savings will add up quickly.

2. TTR Euroworks provides you with the collateral you need to promote the 4U range of products. This includes PDF datasheets and  imagery. You’ll be up and running in no time.

3. By adding a new product family from TTR to your portfolio, you will enjoy additional benefits across the range. Whenever we benefit, we are happy to share those advantages with our customers.

4. Simple online request form to get your free sample box, containing a mix of four ribbon qualities. Alternatively you can use the same form to request a customized collection of ribbon qualities. We will send them out to you as soon as possible.

Buy the most popular 4U ink ribbons from stock

Online shop: Economic Wax 100 best-selling ribbons

Online shop: Premium Wax 120 best-selling ribbons

Online shop: Economic Wax-Resin 200 best-selling ribbons

Online shop: Premium Wax-Resin 250 best-selling ribbons

Online shop: Premium Resin 300 best-selling ribbons