Zebra’s new ZD421 and ZD621 desktop label printers

New Zebra ZD421 and ZD621 desktop label printers

In 2021, Zebra introduced their new ZD421 and ZD621 label printers. With a choice of direct thermal, thermal transfer, healthcare and ribbon cartridge models they support a wide variety of applications. They feature Zebra’s Print DNA software suite, making them easy to setup, operate, manage and maintain. On-site or remotely.

The new Zebra ZD421 replaces the ZD420 and GK420

Advancing the popular Zebra label printers ZD420 and GK420, the ZD421 offers additional features, capabilities and security. It includes a more intuitive user interface, powerful new architecture and a field-upgradeable wireless kit. The new media guide and media handling designs make it even easier to operate.


Product Comparison ZD421 vs. ZD420 and GK420

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Zebra ZD421t in use


The new Zebra ZD621 replaces the ZD620, ZD500, GX420 and GX430

Zebra’s ZD621 desktop printer gives you the premium features, maximum performance and unmatched security you need for superior printing. And, it’s available in healthcare and RFID models. Building on the legacy of Zebra’s ZD620 and GX-Series printers, the ZD621 delivers next-generation, best-in-class features for years of hassle-free printing. Get it all: outstanding print quality and reliability, an innovative new architecture for forward adaptability, increased remote management abilities and an optional full-color LCD touch display with intuitive menu.


Product Comparison ZD621 vs. ZD620 and GX420 / GX430

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Zebra ZD621 labeling boxesZebra ZD621t label printerZebra ZD621t label printer

Zebra ZD420 to ZD421 migration guide

This list of models and part numbers makes it easy to identify the right replacement part number for the discontinued ZD420.


Zebra ZD420 model Discontinued Part Number Replacement Part Number  Zebra ZD421 model
Zebra ZD420t (cartridge) ZD42042-C0E000EZ  ZD4A042-C0EM00EZ Zebra ZD421t (cartridge)
Zebra ZD420t (cartridge) ZD42042-C0EE00EZ  ZD4A042-C0EE00EZ Zebra ZD421t (cartridge)
Zebra ZD420t (cartridge) ZD42042-C0EW02EZ ZD4A042-C0EW02EZ Zebra ZD421t (cartridge)
Zebra ZD420d ZD42042-D0E000EZ ZD4A042-D0EM00EZ Zebra ZD421d
Zebra ZD420d ZD42042-D0EE00EZ ZD4A042-D0EE00EZ Zebra ZD421d
Zebra ZD420d ZD42042-D0EW02EZ ZD4A042-D0EW02EZ Zebra ZD421d
Zebra ZD420t ZD42042-T0E000EZ ZD4A042-30EM00EZ Zebra ZD421t
Zebra ZD420t ZD42042-T0EE00EZ ZD4A042-30EE00EZ Zebra ZD421t
Zebra ZD420t ZD42042-T0EW02EZ ZD4A042-30EW02EZ Zebra ZD421t
Zebra ZD420t (cartridge) ZD42043-C0E000EZ ZD4A043-C0EM00EZ Zebra ZD421t (cartridge)
Zebra ZD420t (cartridge) ZD42043-C0EE00EZ ZD4A043-C0EE00EZ Zebra ZD421t (cartridge)
Zebra ZD420t (cartridge) ZD42043-C0EW02EZ ZD4A043-C0EW02EZ Zebra ZD421t (cartridge)
Zebra ZD420d ZD42043-D0E000EZ ZD4A043-D0EM00EZ Zebra ZD421d
Zebra ZD420d ZD42043-D0EE00EZ ZD4A043-D0EE00EZ Zebra ZD421d
Zebra ZD420d ZD42043-D0EW02EZ ZD4A043-D0EW02EZ Zebra ZD421d
Zebra ZD420t ZD42043-T0E000EZ ZD4A043-30EM00EZ Zebra ZD421t
Zebra ZD420t ZD42043-T0EE00EZ ZD4A043-30EE00EZ Zebra ZD421t
Zebra ZD420t ZD42043-T0EW02EZ ZD4A043-30EW02EZ Zebra ZD421t