Last time buy dates of the legacy Datamax printers

Honeywell have retired the Datamax label printers: E class, M class, I class, H class


Honeywell label printers to replace the discontinued Datamax printers

  • Last time buy dates of the legacy Datamax printers
  • Suggested replacement printers
  • Key benefits of the new PM45 and PD45


The names Datamax and Intermec will soon disappear from the labelprinter market. Over the past years, they have gradually migrated to the Honeywell printer platform. Listed here are the Honeywell label printers that will replace the discontinued Datamax printers.

Honeywell Desktop Label printers

Honeywell desktop printers: PC23, PC42, PC43

Discontinued: Datamax E Class (last time buy December 2021)


Honeywell PC43t and PC43d label printers

Honeywell recommends the PC43 and PD45 label printers to replace the Datamax E-Class. The PC43 series is a popular choice for light-duty applications of up to 1,000 labels per day. It prints faster than the E-Class and has a better user experience. It gives you “Smart Printing”. Add a keyboard, barcode scanner or other USB peripherals directly to the printer.

The Honeywell PC43t (with ink ribbon) and PC43d have a small footprint, whoich is great for space-constrained spaces.

If you don’t need these features and just want basic printing at the most affordable price, consider the Honeywell PC42t or PC42d.


Honeywell Light Industrial Printers 

Honeywell light industrial printers: PD43, PD45 (new)

Discontinued: Datamax M Class (last time buy October 2021), and Intermec PM42 (last time buy June 2022)

Honeywell PD45 label printer

The Honeywell PD45 printer is the new commercial-grade industrial printer for a variety of applications. It’s available with standard features such as “smart printing”. Users can configure and fine-tune settings without the need for a host computer by running apps right inside the printer. This eliminates the need for a connected PC entirely.


Honeywell PD43 and PD43c label printers

The Honeywell PD43 light industrial thermal printers is the recommended replacement for the M-Class printers. It has the latest printing innovations in an affordable solution with a  small footprint. They are often used for distribution centres, warehouses, and airline passenger services. It features an all-metal chassis, strong cast aluminium print mechanism, and tool-free printhead and roller replacement. This label printer offers great value at a competitive price in its class.


Honeywell Mid Industrial Printers

Honeywell mid-industrial printers: PM43, PM45 (new)

Discontinued: Datamax I Class (last time buy June 2022)


Honeywell PM45 and PM45c label printers

Honeywell suggests the PM45 as the replacement printer for the I-Class. The Honeywell PM45 and PM45c (compact) industrial printers are designed for high-quality label printing in harsh industrial environments. They print relatively fast at up to 14 ips (200 dpi), 12 ips (300 dpi), 10 ips (400 dpi), and 6 ips (600 dpi).

With print registration of up to +/-0.5 mm, the PM45 can ensure high print quality of barcodes, texts, and images. Even on small electronic components and pharmaceutical labels. It  supports a wide range of media, including ink-in and ink-out ribbons. Supporting multiple print languages, the PM45 printer is an easy replacement for any label printer brand. A rugged, all-metal print mechanism, easy printhead, and tool-free platen roller replacement help minimize downtime and maintenance needs.


Honeywell Industrial Printers

Honeywell industrial printers: PX4ie, PX6ie, PX940

Discontinued: Datamax H Class (last time buy October 2021)

Honeywell PX940 label printer with barcode verifier

The Honeywell PX940 is the recommended replacement for the Datamax H-Class printers. It’s a great industrial label printer at a great price point for what you get.

The PX940 is especially suited for applications that are regulated and require high precision accurate printing. It’s the industry’s first label printer with a fully integrated barcode verifier. This ensures you get high quality, readable barcodes every time. With its print registration of up to +/- 0.2 mm (0.0079 in) it is extremely accurate for even the smallest of prints.

It features an all-metal print mechanism, easy printhead and tool-free platen roller replacement. The PX940 supports a wide range of media – including ink-in and ink-out ribbons with a one-inch core size. It offers a fast time-to-label and incredible print speeds of up to 350 mm/s (14 ips).

Honeywell PX4ie and PX6ie industrial printers

The Honeywell PX4ie and PX6ie are designed for mission-critical operations that need to print up to 12,000 labels per day.

These label printers are virtually indestructable with their all-metal design and solid construction. Although extremely durable, it also has the smallest footprint in its class. The PX4 (4 inch labels) and PX6 (6 inch labels) have a high level of accuracy, also on very small labels with +/- 0.75 mm registration. In addition, the Honeywell PX4 also offers 406 dpi for precision labelling without the loss of speed.

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